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Expressive Arts Therapy is a natural fit for youth.  Research has shown how arts based and play based therapeutic practices with teens and young adults can be of huge benefit, meeting young people where they are and using language (art, creative expression and play) that they are comfortable with. 


 I come from a background as a music educator with over 14 years experience working with children and youth through expression, music,

connection, and creativity. 

I currently work with youth ages 14 and up in one on one sessions and in group 



My specific training and background are especially beneficial to youth who are: 

  • experiencing and reacting to big changes (move, graduation, divorce, family disruption)

  • experiencing grief due to loss 

  • experiencing anxiety or depression

  • experiencing volatile or difficult relationships with others or with themselves  

  • youth who have experienced trauma

  • youth who may be having a hard time articulating with words what's happening

Please contact me for a free consultation 

where we can discuss how I can

best support you.

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