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Arts Based Dream Program 
with Alexandra Goodall and Maiya Robbie

Summer 2023, dates TBA

In this 6 session series we will cover techniques for remembering dreams, harvesting content, and building our own relationship with our unique dream mythology. We will work with our dreams individually and in the context of the group, using arts-based explorations to expand awareness in both dreaming and waking life. For this summer dreamwork series, we will be drawing on our relationship to our natural world to inform our explorations. Each session will take place in a different forest location in the local area, where we will meet to do our work. The work will be mostly experiential with an emphasis on cultivating a learning environment based on co-research and exploration.


  • Somatically informed

  • Simple and accessible: no previous experience in the arts is required;  this course is intended for artists and non-artists alike. 


Skill building: 

  • Remembering dreams

  • Harvesting content

  • Building our own relationship to our unique dream mythology

  • Finding our own meaning-making orientation

  • Deepening the practice of dreaming 

  • Engaging in practices that draw on animism and ecotherapy

  • Strengthening the bridge between dreaming and waking life

  • Deepening connection between ourselves and our natural world, through an arts based lense


Join Expressive Arts Therapists, Maiya Robbie, RTC and Alexandra Goodall, MA as we embark into and within the richness of our dream worlds. 

More information available soon. Sign up HERE for Alexandra's newsletter to be kept informed.  


Expressive Arts for Artists - Online workshop 

April 2021 - facebook group and live videos (join here)
UPCOMING zoom group coming in the Fall of 2021

In collaboration with Penticton and District Arts Council, a 6 week online workshop series facilitated by Maiya Robbie, RTC that explores expressive arts practices to refresh, nourish, and give space to artists in the Penticton area.  This series is open to self-identified professional and emerging artists working in any medium or discipline, living in Penticton and Area, who have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. 

For more information, or/and

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