Individual sessions for adults: 


As an arts based therapist, I use both interpersonal talk therapy and arts based approaches to support growth, healing, and change. I work collaboratively with you, both following and guiding, as together we notice, get curious about, and uncover your resources for self discovery, healing and growing resilience. This time is a container of compassionate support for you.  It can be a time of reflection, of expressing and sharing what is happening in your current experience, as well as a place where you can find and grow with your ‘living edge’.

My aim is to support and enrich each individual's experiencing more living wellness in their lives, as well as developing tools to continue the development of their ‘resources of wellness’ past our time together. 


A session may begin with sharing in a traditional talk-therapy, person-centred approach.  Some days we may stay here in the therapeutic relationship.  Some days, we may start there and then move into the expressive arts; I will accompany you as we work with materials, narrative, poetry, movement, imagination and play, in a compassionate container of support.

*It is important to note that no previous experience with, or knowledge of, the arts is needed. 

My personal influences and interests that I believe benefit my work as a therapist include:

-The study and practice of animism - the belief that humans aren't the only soul bearing living things in this world.  Developing good relationships with the earth, animals, ancestors and others is beneficial to personal and collective wellness.

-Somatic (relating to the body) and arts based embodiment practices of healing; the body is a gate through which and within which trauma and stress is held and can be processed, and we have potential to shape our experiences through the body. 

-Personal spiritual practice and framework based in the belief of the oneness of humankind, the Creator, and the elevation + exploration of our diverse intricacies and ways of being/knowing within humanity.  

-Ongoing interest, practice, and study of archetypal psychology as well as archetypal tools (such as tarot, dreams, and artistic exploration of such themes).  

Rates for private sessions 

I am offering online therapy. Sliding scale (for online sessions) from 85-105/hour, pay what you can in that range during these unique times.

In-person Regular Cost per Session: $95 - $105​

I offer a free consultation where we can meet and explore possibilities of beginning. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Maiya Robbie
(250) 328-4286