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Expressive Arts Therapists offer sessions that integrate creative expression (for example; visual arts, creative writing, drama, creative ritual, music, poetry, or dance/ movement) alongside talk therapy and somatic  practice as a catalyst for personal inquiry, discovery, healing and growth.

Expressive Arts Therapy is an arts-based approach to therapy that engages and supports the participant(s) through a process of creative expression to support:

  • connection to inner resources

  • expanded experience of well-being

       in every day living

  • developing a sense of creative freedom and possibility

  • finding new ways of relating to, processing, and experiencing challenges and difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, grief and distress.

  • finding new roads of connection with one's inner and outer world​

Expressive Arts Therapy is rooted in the belief that we are innately creative beings, and that any creative processes we engage in can supply us with helpful information from the parts of ourselves requiring attention and sometimes, healing.


*There is no previous experience or skill with the arts needed. All are invited.

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