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Hello, and welcome...


I use an arts based approach to psychotherapy, grounded in somatic

(body-based/bottom up approach) practice.  

I support adults and youth with:


Connection to and exploration of strengths and resources

 * Developing + expanding creative aliveness and possibility

* Deepening relational experience,  with self and others

* Finding new ways of relating to, processing, and experiencing

challenges and difficulties, such as: depression, anxiety,​ grief,

burn-out, overwhelm and personal and collective trauma


OOH and by the way...There is absolutely no previous experience or skill with the arts needed. 






                                                                            My office in the heart of downtown Penticton


Here, we step into a different way of being in our lives. 

We listen in new ways, we learn to hold curiosity for what is and for what might be. 

We get messy, we slow down, and we explore. 

I utilize Hakomi (a gentle yet powerful experiential psychotherapy that uses

mindfulness and somatic interventions to heal attachment wounds

and developmental trauma) and parts work, alongside arts based therapeutic approaches,

to meet each client where they are in order to provide a

non-judgemental space with witnessing, caring

and helpful, responsive resource building. 

  About Expressive Arts Therapy: 

Expressive Arts Therapists offer sessions that integrate creative expression

(for example; visual arts, creative writing, drama, creative ritual, 

 dance/ movement) with relational and somatic therapeutic approaches 

as containers for personal inquiry, discovery, healing and growth.

I offer sessions in my beautiful downtown office, online,

as well as outdoors (see below for more information about Nature Based sessions). 

Nature Based Expressive Arts Therapy

Draws from the therapeutic benefits of BOTH the arts and relationship with the natural world ,

in an integrated way, that supports well-being and growth.

"Nature based experiences fill a reservoir within us that we can later draw from

when faced with life's challenges"

Melia Snyder, author of Nature Based Expressive Arts Therapy 

 I offer a free 15 minute consultation in person, over the phone, or online,

depending on your personal preference. 

Find more information about private sessions

for adults, find more info  here +

for youth, find more info here.

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Co-creating with nature...

"The breeze at dawn
has secrets to tell you. 
Don't go back to sleep."



Stay informed about upcoming offerings!

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