Hello, and welcome. 

You may be here in search of support, of healing, of transformation. You may be looking for ways to deepen your understanding of yourself and/or your relationships. Perhaps you have experienced recent difficulties, stresses, or past trauma(s), which you are looking to navigate through in order to live a more full and vibrant life. 

You may be here looking for support for your child or teen. Perhaps they are experiencing difficulties at home or at school. You may be concerned that they are not thriving in their sense of self, their relationships with others, their sense and experience of connection. 

As an Expressive Arts Therapist, I use both interpersonal talk therapy and arts based approaches to support growth and change. I work collaboratively with you, both following and guiding, along your journey toward an expanded experience of wellness. Together, we will explore your inner and outer resources for discovery, healing and resilience. Through empathetic and compassionate care, I support each individual's experience toward feeling more wholeness and belonging in themselves and in the world.

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

The expressive arts are a human birthright with the potential to illuminate our inner knowing and resources.

There is no skill required, no previous knowledge or experience with the arts needed.  

Expressive arts therapy utilizes visual arts (through all mediums), drama, poetry and creative writing, music and movement, storytelling, play, and more. These modalities help to serve in our exploration and excavation of our innate resources of resilience, understanding, and perspective, allowing us to be in creative relationship with ourselves and with the world. When we are in creative relationship with our lives, we are empowered to respond constructively to what happens within and around us. 

We all have so much wisdom in us, so many resources waiting to be excavated and acknowledged... and put to use.


I am passionate about walking beside those looking to uncover what is within. My aim is to accompany my clients as they discover and uncover their innate resources to create the changes they desire.  We work to engage our worlds with our curiosity, with our bodies, with our minds and our hearts. 

I invite you to book a free consultation with me where we can meet and explore possibilities of beginning, and I can answer any questions you may have. 


About Maiya

What brought me to this work was a combination of my deep care and curiosity about our experiences as human beings, and a life-long impulse to create, to reflect, to make, and to shape. To be human is to create.  The therapeutic world is awakening to what many cultures and peoples around the world have long known:  that the body (soma) and spirit (psyche) are resources capable of leading us through times of stress, trauma, and challenge and into transformation and growth.  Individually and collectively. 

I am committed, as a therapist and as a person, to be ever learning about the soma and the psyche. I am committed to learning and uncovering how creativity serves as a bridge between the two, as well as a bridge between ourselves and one another. 

I am a certified Expressive Arts Therapist and a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor. I am currently enrolled in my second year of graduate studies at EGS (European Graduate School) for my Masters Degree. 



Maiya Robbie

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Beannacht / Blessing 

by John O’Donohue

On the day when

the weight deadens

on your shoulders

and you stumble,

may the clay dance

to balance you.


And when your eyes

freeze behind

the grey window

and the ghost of loss

gets into you,

may a flock of colours,

indigo, red, green

and azure blue,

come to awaken in you

a meadow of delight.


When the canvas frays

in the currach of thought

and a stain of ocean

blackens beneath you,

may there come across the waters

a path of yellow moonlight

to bring you safely home.


May the nourishment of the earth be yours,

may the clarity of light be yours,

may the fluency of the ocean be yours,

may the protection of the ancestors be yours.

And so may a slow

wind work these words

of love around you,

an invisible cloak

to mind your life.

Maiya Robbie

(250) 328-4286