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Maiya Robbie

Musician + Artist

Illustrated Rosemary

Sounds and Links 

Illustrated Rosemary

Should've Been a Mountain - EP

Available for purchase and download at

Music video for Should've Been a Mountain HERE 

Video by Dave Mai, with generous support from Storyhive + TELUS

Music Video for Ponderosa Pines HERE

Filmed at ArtsWells 2013 by Dave Mai 

Pink Illustrated Flower
Rose Leaves
Pine Spruce Branches 8

Projects, Bands + Shows


Full Concert for PDCAC here:

Maiya solo - CFUZ Caught in the Act -

March 15th, 2021

recording of live stream HERE


Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long 

Youtube videos HERE and HERE 

Bandcamp HERE 

The Screendoors

Illustrated Rosemary
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